Greenway Music Showcase
Images by Rob Ball
2nd April 2011

Song 2 Time Bomb I Can't Explain Supersonic
1104020030 1104020070 1104020096 1104020126
Matthew Guindy Holly Ecclestone Alex Morris Ben Hough
Alex Morris
Motorcycle Emptiness Daybreak Place Your Hands Can't Stop
1104020171 1104020212 1104020260 1104020348b
Nick Ball Sam Kerr Luke Gross Joe Hough
Jack Donkin
Jake Scoffield
Confessin' The Blues Give Me The Night Eleanor Rigby Changes
1104020366 1104020446 1104020523 1104020550
Harry Butcher
Tom Cunningham
Jake Scoffield
Harry Butcher
Jake Scoffield
Matthew Guindy (? Prog ?) Kieran Ahuja
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out Carry On Wayward Son The Only Exception If It Means A Lot To You
1104020575 1104020668 1104020749 1104020828
Colin Dalton Andy Cuff Kay Dale
Emma Jones
Molly Sutton
Emma Jones
Kay Dale
Molly Sutton
All I Want Metallica Medley Always Tomorrow Violet Hill
1104020875 1104020917 1104020970 1104020984
Kay Dale George Mounsey
Sam Wiskow
Chris Cooper Jacob Dean
All Along The Watchtower Hey Jude Guest Performers Candid & Artistic
1104021059 1104021088 1104021935 1104023014
Rich Brown Barney & All